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Politechnika Warszawska
Mobilny USOS
Mobilny USOS We would like to kindly inform that the USOS Mobile PW App is now available at Google Play Store and App Store.
Students' obligation with respect to the distance learning
Students of the Warsaw University of Technology are obliged to use the transferred content only for the purposes of individual education. No materials received in this way may be recorded or transferred to third parties, nor disseminated without the consent of the teacher.
Information for students, PhD students, and employees regarding COVID-19
CoV-2 In connection with the announced ordinance of the Prime Minister, we would like to inform you that:
1. The classes will be suspended from March 12 until April 14.
2. The validity of student and doctoral cards will be extended by a separate ordinance of the Minister until May 31, 2020.
3. The libraries are closed.
4. Foreign and domestic trips of employees, PhD students and WUT students are suspended.
5. All conferences, events and events organized at the Warsaw University of Technology are canceled.
6. Foreign guests are not allowed to come to the University.
Rector’s Announcement regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
CoV-2Important information for students and employees. more...
Attention! Email changes for first-year students!
On November 16th, 2018, students' private addresses have been replaced with addresses in the PW domain. In order to check your email address, please log in to USOSweb, then go to the profile page (MY USOSWEB tab, then link "My profile page" in the bottom right corner); in order to check the login and password for e-mail, please go to the STUDENT’S SECTION tab and later Office 365.
Individual bank account
We would like to kindly inform that payments for studies, beginning from 01.09.2015, should be transferred to individual account number. Account balance and individual account number can be accessed via USOSWeb system, right after user authentication, in module “Student’s section” --> Accounting. In case of any authorization problems please contact your deanery.
Classes registration
Caution! Scheduled classes registration is driven by your organization unit. In case of any difficulties concerning no ability of access to classes please contact unit that is responsible for registration.

Tech helpdesk does NOT solve problems associated with lack of write access.

Data auto-migration
Data migration between USOS and USOSWeb (these are separate systems) is scheduled automatically daily at 6AM, 2PM and 6PM. This takes usually 20 minutes and during this procedure system USOSWeb is closed. Deaneries are operating on USOS database whereas students and teachers are operating on a separate database. Migration is complex process of comparing data from both systems and data reconciliation. As a consequence added/changed data in USOS system are visible in USOSWeb after data migration. Accordingly data from USOSWeb (results, classes registration etc.) is visible for deanery after migration.
Passwords to USOSWeb, APD
To log in into USOSWeb/APD system (APD – system that archives students thesis) you need to enter your PESEL number (or your StudentID number) or email address as login and password. If you don’t have PESEL number you should pay a visit to your deanery to obtain your StudentID and generated password (can be changed after login). Students that are registered in system for the first time starting from academic year of 2014/2015 should be logging in with password from Registration System.
After logging in you should change your password by clicking "change password" in upper-right corner
If you don’t remember your password you should try to run recovery procedure by clicking this link. In case of lack of data completeness in database or difficulties in password self-recovery you should pay a visit to your local deanery.

Tech Helpdesk DOES NOT reset your password.

Caution! First year’s students can check if they are registered in USOS system by using Registration System, tab “Message board”.
Passwords to Email
The initial password can be generated after logging into USOSWeb in STUDENT'S SECTION -> Office 365.
Changing the initial password: you should change your password by using this service.