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[2021-09-20] The setup of Moodle Platform for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On 20th September 2021 a new Moodle Platform was launched to be used in the upcoming academic year 2021/2022. The previously used Moodle Platform https://moodle.usos.pw.edu.pl has been archived and is available on https://moodle2020.usos.pw.edu.pl. Since 21.09.2021 it will be possible to create courses on the new Moodle Platform via USOSweb.

[2021-09-07] Information for Academic Teachers – Moodle

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to inform you that we have prepared a new platform called “WUT Moodle Sandbox”. It is a special supplementary tool which aim is to help you test all the functions of Moodle and prepare the materials out of the students reach. Everything that you create and test there can be transferred onto the regular Moodle platform. WUT Moodle Sandbox can be accessed here: https://moodlepreprd.usos.pw.edu.pl/

Data auto-migration

Data migration between USOS and USOSWeb (these are separate systems) is scheduled automatically daily at 6AM, 2PM and 6PM. This takes usually 20 minutes and during this procedure system USOSWeb is closed. Deaneries are operating on USOS database whereas students and teachers are operating on a separate database. Migration is complex process of comparing data from both systems and data reconciliation. As a consequence added/changed data in USOS system are visible in USOSWeb after data migration. Accordingly data from USOSWeb (results, classes registration etc.) is visible for deanery after migration.